Video Conference on Non-Traditional Revenue

This P2P call will focus on non-traditional revenue.


Free video conference on Best Revenue Ideas of 2018 9/13/18

SNPA will host a free video conference focusing on "Best Revenue Ideas of 2018" on Thursday, Oct. 18. Tom Silvestri, president and publisher of the Richmond (Va.) Times-Dispatch, will be the moderator for this conference call.

SNPA's monthly P2P programs are free for SNPA members, but participants must sign up in advance and share an example.

So, what was your homerun for the year?


Crisis PR: How to counter the assault on journalism and media credibility 9/11/18

In today's highly divisive political environment, the media and its credibility have become the news. Reporters and media outlets are under attack from all sides – the public, companies, social media, even the nation's highest office. How can local newspapers convince their audience to click and read when they're constantly warned of "fake news"?

During next month's SNPA News Industry Summit in Nashville, Tara Deering Hansen, principal of Sonder Public Relations, will discuss the importance of local newspapers developing a public relations strategy to strengthen trust and credibility in their communities. Like any reputable company, newspapers must know and own their brand.


Hard-hitting agenda tackles the tough issues facing newspapers today 9/10/18

The toughest issues facing newspapers today are front and center on the agenda of this year's SNPA News Industry Summit.

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Our presenters will be talking about countering the assault on journalism and media credibility, and building trust with your audience. They will be sharing critical concerns over not getting paid for content on digital platforms – a challenge the managing partner of Methuselah Advisors says could threaten the survival of many daily papers. Hear about the Fair Use Collective, which is serving as a negotiating intermediary between publishers and digital platform enterprises.

If you aren't in Nashville, Oct. 10-12, you'll also miss a lot more. There are topics for publishers, general managers, digital and advertising directors, newsroom leaders and other key leaders throughout your paper.

Getting paid for content: Rethinking fair use 9/10/18

The newspaper industry's practice of permitting digital platforms such as Google, Facebook, Twitter and others to exploit content created by publishers without compulsory or use-based compensation must change, says John Chachas, managing partner of Methuselah Advisors, a merger advisory firm specializing in serving media, digital and other industrial clients.

In a hard-hitting presentation at next month's SNPA News Industry Summit. Chachas will talk about his firm's evaluation of the economic model of the publishing industry. "Absent a major re-definition of the relationship between publishers and digital companies, the survival of many daily papers will be at risk," he says. Publishers of all SNPA member newspapers need to hear this presentation.


Programming content like a YouTuber 9/3/18

YouTube is the next generation of television – the future of how people (especially young people) are consuming media.

"Every month, more than one billion people visit YouTube to watch more than six BILLION hours of video," says Kevin Grosch, co-founder and CEO of Made In Network, a Nashville-based media and technology company in partnership with AMG/Parade.

Grosch, who will address SNPA's News Industry Summit next month, says: "As users drastically increase every year, it is important for local media companies to think beyond and learn about how to successfully play in the creative YouTube arena."


Best ideas from SNPA's Publisher-to-Publisher video conferences 8/27/18

A fast-paced session that will highlight the best ideas from SNPA's popular Publisher-to-Publisher video conferences will be a highlight at SNPA's News Industry Summit in Nashville, Tenn., Oct. 10-12. It will be led by Tom Silvestri, president and publisher of the Richmond (Va.) Times-Dispatch.

Need ideas on revenue, cost-cutting, organizing your sales force, leveraging data to build audience and diversify revenue, ways news coverage impacts your revenue, and creating a digital agency? Then, you need to be in Nashville for the News Industry Summit.

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"We're taking a page out of the SNPA playbook that makes your participation in a program or conference pay for itself," Silvestri said. "In this quick-paced segment, we'll share an assortment of revenue ideas and other best practices gleaned from this year's new initiative called P2P."

These publisher-to-publisher video conference calls attracted more than 100 participants who detailed their winning ideas.

"Consider this Nashville session a super P2P," Silvestri said.

Join the growing list of sponsors/exhibitors at the News Industry Summit 8/21/18

It's not too late to reserve sponsorships and exhibit space for the 2018 SNPA News Industry Summit in Nashville, but you need to hurry!

Space is limited and your preferences need to be registered soon in order to be included in the printed conference program to be distributed to all Summit attendees.


How to build trust and understanding with your audience 8/19/18

At a time when audience trust and loyalty have never been more important, new research and ideas from the American Press Institute show many ways in which the press and the public misunderstand each other, as well as where they agree.

At SNPA's News Industry Summit, Oct. 10-12 in Nashville, learn how your newspaper can build a foundation of trust by better explaining what you do and why. Avoid the common pitfalls that confuse and alienate readers. Build the brand credibility that leads to subscriptions and long-term loyalty.

Jeff Sonderman, deputy executive director and executive vice president of API, will lead this News Industry Summit session. He says that issues of trust and understanding are linked. API's research, he said, shows that "understanding is the foundation for trust."

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Registration for Mega exhibits and sponsorships opens to all companies next week 8/14/18

This is the last week for returning exhibitors and sponsors from 2018 to reserve their booths and/or sponsorships for the 2019 Mega-Conference before registration opens to all companies.

Starting Aug. 20, all companies will be allowed to reserve their booths/sponsorships and an online link for reservations will be available at

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