SNPA has revenue ideas for you 2/19/18

SNPA is hosting a video conference on "Growing Revenue" from 2-3 p.m. (EDT) on March 15. It takes just one hour of your time – no fees, no travel – on a topic every publisher needs, with guaranteed ROI! We hope you won't find any reason to sit this one out.


Print is alive and well in Galveston and at Southern Newspapers 2/16/18

The Galveston County Daily News and Southern Newspapers, Inc., are unabashed print-centric companies. On the closing day of the Mega-Conference, hear how Coast Monthly and their faith in print has transformed them.

Leonard Woolsey, publisher of The Galveston County Daily News, says: "We are not a large newspaper by any sense – a sub 20K circulation newspaper with a hometown base of less than 50,000 year-around residents. But Coast Monthly is a dream we brought to market several years ago and is now approaching a $1 million annual revenue run rate."


Be relevant in real estate 2/13/18

Listing platforms are out as prime listings sell in minutes. Realtor ranks are swelling again after the hard years of the Great Recession. How do they stand out? And how can your newspaper help them?

At the Key Executives Mega-Conference, Feb. 26-28 in San Diego, listen to success stories from GateHouse newspapers and The Post and Courier of Charleston, S.C., and re-capture market share from this hot market.


Finding your niche 2/12/18

With a century or more of experience bringing the news that's most important for communities as a whole, many efforts with building a new business around content targeted for a specific audience haven't worked.

During a Tuesday afternoon session at the Mega-Conference, prepare to be blown away by the work of some entrepreneurs who are driving successful businesses with targeted media that are a major break from the status quo.


Solutions Stage: Audience Engagement 2/9/18

Consistently capturing the attention of the distracted digital consumer remains the biggest challenge for traditional media audience growth. The focus on the Solutions Stage mid-afternoon on Tuesday, Feb. 27, at the Mega-Conference will be on engaging digital customer experiences.


Agency best practices 2/7/18

Digital agency services have become an important and growing revenue stream for many media companies, but is there one right way to run this complex business?

During a Tuesday afternoon breakout session at the Mega-Conference, Feb. 26-28 in San Diego, hear from three media companies, all with different business models, who have successful, thriving agencies.


Programmatic best practices 2/7/18

A breakout session on Tuesday afternoon (Feb. 27) at the Mega-Conference will feature a panel discussion that touches on yield management best practices and considerations that publishers need to take into account as the programmatic ecosystem continues to evolve.


NEW FOR PUBLISHERS: Network with peers without leaving your office 2/5/18

SNPA is launching a new series of free "P2P" video conferences for publishers that will help publishers grow revenue and sharpen their management skills.


Defining your subscription strategy 2/3/18

Four newspaper industry thought leaders will discuss successful and proven subscription revenue growth strategies and case studies from their respective organizations at the Mega-Conference, Feb. 26-28 in San Diego.

With subscription revenues becoming a greater piece of the revenue portfolio, and with many companies transitioning to a consumer revenue-driven business model, this is a can't miss session.


Bringing audio to life 2/2/18

The rise of audio (particularly smart speakers) is the most important new trend in the local news ecosystem. Do you want to learn how to create content, build audiences and make money on Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant/Home and Apple Siri/HomePod? Come to the Mega-Conference, Feb. 26-28 in San Diego!