Key Executives Mega-Conference

The era of digital denial is over

Never has it been more urgent for news organizations to get digital innovation right. Fortunately the opportunities are as abundant as the challenges.

The Key Executives Mega-Conference will open Thursday afternoon, Feb. 23, with a keynote address by Rick Edmonds, business media analyst and leader of news transformation at The Poynter Institute, and Katie Hawkins-Gaar, digital innovation faculty with Poynter.

Online Media Campus Webinar: Selling Strategically - How to Manage Your Time and Territory

Do you have too much work and not enough time in the day to get it done? Do you find yourself changing the date on your to-do-list? Are you doing more driving than selling? If you answered yes to these questions, then this practical, real-life situational seminar is for you! Join us Friday, Dec. 9. (2-3 p.m. EST)

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